Have you Tried Masking Your Own City?

Zeynab’s Activity…

This activity will spur your child’s creativity and imagination and will keep them occupied for hours! All it requires is:

A flat surface
Masking tape – (a mini roll was provided in your learning pack)
+ Any toy they want!

In your learning pack, we provided some coloured masking tape. This activity can be done with as much or as little supervision as you’d like to offer, although it might be more fun to start off with guiding and supporting your little one in designing and planning their town.

Your town can have multiple streets, houses, buildings, shops and schools – you may even be able to re-create your local area!

Here are some ideas for what you could include (this town is your child’s oyster!):

  1. Nursery
  2. Cars, trucks and lorries
  3. Play area with slides and swings / Garden with balls and fences
  4. A car mechanic garage
  5. Buses / Train tracks
  6. Zebra Crossings
  7. Supermarket
  8. Zoos with their favourite cuddly toys inside
  9. Emergency buildings (police, hospital and fire fighters)

This period of lockdown may be troubling and confusing for your children, so let’s jog their memory of what used to be an everyday sight and remind them they will be able to resume the life they were used to again soon.

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