How Early Social Interaction With Other Toddlers Is Important For Your Child’s Development

New parents are bombarded with conflicting information from the get-go.

Even before their baby comes home from the hospital! So it isn’t any wonder that when it comes to introducing society to their toddler, parents are more confused than ever. 

We all agree that social interactions at an early age are vital for the development of our children.

However, we also want to coddle and smother them with love and protect them from the entire world.

Despite this, there’s a time when every child needs more social interaction than what their parents can provide. 

Early social interaction with other toddlers (and adults) is essential for a child’s social, physical and mental development.

It teaches them how to act and react to the people around them by observing body language, conversation, sharing, playing together and much more. 

That said, here are five key benefits to sending your toddler to a nursery: 

Learning Through Play 

Children love to play.

They are also very inquisitive.

For instance, they will sit for hours trying to solve a puzzle or problem!

Whether they’re playing with educational toys or with the mud, playtime can teach kids a multitude of skills from sharing, developing their imagination and creativity, problem-solving, to bonding with those around them. 

Attending a nursery gives children a world away from home, where they can explore playgrounds, sandpits and mud kitchens, and enjoy a variety of indoor activities. For instance, getting crafty with a glue stick and feathers improves their dexterity and motor neurone skills.

Not to mention, the joy on their faces, when they bring something home as a present, is priceless.

Language and Communication Development

Children learn their native language by interacting with their classmates.

Early social interactions are fundamental to how your child develops their communication skills, how they think and understand others, and how they convey their own feelings. 

Between the ages of three and five, your child’s vocabulary will develop from 900 words to over 2,500, and this is accelerated by attending nursery.

It benefits your child’s cognitive and language skills to such an extent that it makes enrolling your child a no-brainer. 

Listening Skills

Learning to listen is vital for the safety and education of our children.

Attending nursery incites good listening skills with their peers and adults.

Being able to follow instructions is critical for discipline, understanding social situations, and completing tasks.

Increasing Confidence And Reducing Anxiety 

When you first drop off your little one at nursery, there can be a heart-wrenching moment of anxiety separation between you and your child.

While it may feel like your heart is being ripped in two, it won’t last long.

As your child begins to immerse themselves in fun activities and meets new friends, they’ll soon get a much-needed confidence boost.  

Final Thoughts

In short, nursery school is a vital step when it comes to your child gaining confidence.

Rest assured, with a vast support system of responsible and loving teachers, your child is well on their way to developing their social and cognitive skills!

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