Parenthood Gone Virtual

This article was published in collaboration with Mukhtar Mahmoud, CoFounder of Newny

Long gone are the joys of stay and plays as well as other group sessions meant to bond not only parent and child, but parent and parent. How has technology affected the parent-toddler space?

Alongside Newny, Kiddisafe have done some digging so you don’t have to. As experts in childcare we know that the lack of social interaction between other parents and children can leave us feeling isolated. Our struggles with our toddlers and little ones at home seem even more challenging to face.

However, there is an opportunity presented to us, like in every other sector, that allows for toddlers and other parents to engage with one another in a unique and dynamic environment. The world of Zoom and online classes! This year saw us say goodbye to stay and play and parent coffee mornings but what can we do to keep our sanity and build those all-important social bonds for both adults and their little ones?

The Spark Arts for Children – The Spark festival is a fantastic event held annually by Leicester City Council. They have produced a series of interactive videos for you and little one to take part in at home!

Finding Rhythm: A Journey Through The Musical Brain – A Growing Brains Production with an all star cast. Finding Rhythm fuses brain science with an original music score inspired by Washington DC’s Go-Go music. Children will listen, move and sing along, while the whole family learns how rhythm grows children’s brains!

For Parents

Toddler Talk Digital Workshop – A FREE one-off interactive session helps you discover how children’s speech and language develops, and will give you different ideas of how you can support your child.

Webinar: Supporting Pre-School Children’s Emotional Intelligence – An interactive webinar that looks at unpacking what is emotional literacy. As well as looking at practical ways that we support children’s emotional literacy.

Hosting Your Own

Not comfortable with your online presence just yet? Why not ease into it by starting your own virtual get togethers with friends and family!

  • A virtual bake off: Challenge some friends and family to a bake off and see who can bake the fanciest Cake! An enjoyable evening of cake. Laughs and memories that you can look back on as a gem in the middle of a difficult time. Feel free to use Kiddisafe’s own recipes for your own inspiration – don’t forget to share your pics with us!
  • Virtual Book Club:  Create a weekly session that you can look forward to where you and your friends read a book together. Use it as a time to enjoy each other’s company and discuss something totally different. A small escape in the middle of chaos.
  • Virtual competition: Why not play online Scrabble, Chess or Monopoly? This is suitable for involving your older children, too.
  • Parent weekly roundtable sessions: Organise a coffee morning on Zoom or Google meet with other parents to discuss parenting styles and tips. A safe and judgement free circle of like minded parents, trying to improve their parenting skills. Tools like Newny allow for anonymous participation, giving you comfort as you navigate this new way of socialising.

So, have you attended/taken part in any virtual events, or are hosting one yourself? Let us know how you found it!

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