About Kiddisafe

For almost 15 years, Kiddisafe has supported thousands of children and parents in preparing for school. Pre-school years are the most crucial. Children pick up their learning habits and processes with us that will lead them into their early academic life.

Responsibility of an Early Years Practitioner

The role of a pre-school teacher is huge. You are responsible for seeing that the children at Kiddisafe are cared for, nurtured and supported in their learning and development. You are likely to be remembered for years later that, as the first adult outside of the family, they can trust to have their best interests in mind.

Childcare is complex and requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills, patience and perseverance. See more about the soft skills required of a childcare practitioner here.

Learning Never Stops

Not only committed to the development of pre-schoolers, we are a strong advocate of Continuous Professional Development for all our team, too.

Consequently, we are a collection of accolades and always look to expand this. Our aim is to have our pre-schoolers surrounded by a team who share the mindset of a learner, so they are eager to impart knowledge between one another for the ultimate benefit of our little ones.

Are you right for the role?

There are typically two types of candidates we consider: Apprentices and Practitioners.

Practitioners – Have a Level 3 equivalent qualification or above? Send your personal statement and CV to us at enquiries@kiddisafe.co.uk.