Are you right for the role?

For 15 years, Kiddisafe has supported thousands of children and parents in preparing for school. Pre-school years are the most crucial. Children pick up their learning habits and processes with us that will lead them into their early academic life.

Learning Never Stops

Not only committed to the development of pre-schoolers, we are a strong advocate of Continuous Professional Development for all our team, too.

Consequently, we are a collection of accolades and always look to expand this. Our aim is to have our pre-schoolers surrounded by a team who share the mindset of a learner, so they are eager to impart knowledge between one another for the ultimate benefit of our little ones.

"I've been with Kiddisafe for 10+ years and I say it's wonderful working here. Over the years there's never been a time where I've felt that I don't want to come to work!" - Hasina, Deputy Manager


Nursery Teacher/Assistant
Have a Level 3 qualification or above?

What is expected of you as a Nursery Teacher/Assistant at Kiddisafe Nursery?

  • You are a key person to several key children, responsible for ensuring all their health and developmental needs are met by yourself, your team and the nursery.
  • You are a great role model showing best practice at all times, setting an example for your children by closely adhering to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.
  • You are active in the session, taking initiative to maintain quality of our service delivery.
  • You carry yourself professionally and can confidently communicate with parents, acting as a representative of the nursery.
  • You are a great communicator and can maintain great working relationships with your team members.
  • You are thoughtful in your practice, taking into account the needs of children in your care.
  • You need strong paperwork skills as you will be producing observations, planning and record keeping.
  • You may also be a mentor to others where appropriate, supporting anyone who needs it in delivering the best care and learning for our children.
  • You are creative, coming up with great and fun ideas for the room and are great at encouraging this creativity in others.
  • You need good organisation skills as you may be working with external support agencies.

Click here to apply to our current vacancy at Coleman Road (1pm-6pm).

Click here to apply to our current vacancy at Wood Hill (8:15-4pm).

New to the sector?

We would love to have you learn and develop with us. Register with our Apprentice college at Wise Origin.

As an apprentice at Kiddisafe you are treated like a normal member of staff. We want you to have the full Early Years experience and will be relying on you to use initiative, creativity and your ongoing learning to support the children and team within the setting.