Over our 15 years of operation, Kiddisafe have recognised common concerns parents have when first starting their little ones at nursery for the first time. We get it – this is a huge step in your little one’s life and it is important that the nursery is just right!

We have compiled our list of FAQ’s asked by parents when coming in for registration visits and welcome sessions.

Safety in the Pandemic

We have a robust Safety Measures Policy in place that you can access here. We keep up to date on the latest news and updates as they are released by the government, too, to ensure our practice is always complying with the best safety measures.

Visiting Us

We request that you call in advance to let us know the time and date you are planning to pay us a visit in accordance with our Covid-19 safety measures policy. This will allow us to safely adapt the session in time for your visit.


Starting Nursery

Before your child starts nursery, we go through a Welcome Booklet with you and send you a copy to keep. This will include all the items we’ll need from you so we can deliver our expert care for your little one.

As a heads-up, though, this will include bringing a spare pair of clothes, any comforters (if necessary) and a set of nappies/wipes to keep in the nursery at all times, in line with our Covid-19 safety measures policy.


Dietary Requirements

My child has certain dietary requirements, how will you accommodate this?

We offer a halal menu and complete vegetarian options. Any specific allergies must be disclosed to us at the time you register your child. These details are then kept in a place visible to our team at all times so they can double-check the list during meal times.

We also request that all parents check the Food Standards Agency allergens list to ensure that any lunch boxes provided do not contain the 14 common allergens. This can be viewed here and is available to our parents at all times on our App.

Session Times

We run two five-hour sessions per day:
8am – 1pm

Should you require any extra hours, you are more than welcome to. Any extra hours are charged at the standard Creche Fee rate. We request that you book this in advance.

I don’t finish work until after the session finishes, what can I do?

I’m glad you asked. We offer a couple of options here:

You can use our creche service charged at the standard rate per hour (within opening hours) or;

You can make use of our pick-up/drop-off service. Learn more about this here.

Room Ratios

Ofsted determines the number of children each location can accommodate. All locations are large enough to accommodate circa 40 children per session.

Learning and Assessment

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to guide our learning in readying your little one for school. We go through the Early Learning Goals and assessment methods with you in your welcome session.

Car Parking

Coleman Road: As it is located on a slip road, we recommend parking your car there and safely walking to our doors using the clear path provided for you.

Wood Hill: We have a carpark with gated access – if the gates are closed, don’t worry! Just give us a call and we can open them up for you.