I am very pleased with the nursery Kiddisafe, Mohammed feels very cosy as if he is at home. The staff are very professional as well, I definitely recommend this nursery to any parent.

Samira, 2019

Just want to say I appreciate everything you have done for Aadam. He’s thoroughly enjoyed coming to playgroup. I’m amazed at the bond he’s formed with Zubair. We’ll definitely come and visit.

Aadam, 2016

Amirah has loved her time here, thank you for not only being teachers but being friends with Amirah. She adores you all and I’m sure she will always remember you guys. Lots of love x

Zainab, 2013

Zayn really enjoyed the setting, his time here has definitely been worthwhile. Teachers have been exceptional & would recommend to everyone.

Thanks to you all for making the first few years of Zayn’s educational life worth remembering.

Salma, 2013

All 3 of my kids have loved it here I think it gave them a great start in life. I’m sure to say like Ayshah & Muhammad, Mehreen will surely miss you guys. I’d like to say a big thank you to Rehana, Maureen, Fatima, Debbie, Afroza and Ammarah for making Kiddisafe the wonderful place it is! Keep it up. I’ll surely miss you all too!

Rahana & Mehreen, 2014

To all at Kiddisafe Gedding Road,

I just want to say a big thank you for all your support with Shivam’s learning and development.

Since he started here we feel he has learnt a lot and developed so much. That is due to all your hard work and dedication. You all will be very dearly missed by Shivam and ourselves. Lots of love,

Shivam, Mum & Dad, 2014

It has been the most important, exciting, thrilling, most achieving 18 months for Muhammad and the family. Muhammad settled within days. Loved the nursery settings. The teachers have been outstanding caring and understanding. Muhammad is leaving nursery full of confidence and prepared for full-time school. We have gained the best experience, learnt all manners and we will be missing this family a lot. Will surely be recommending to family and friends. All the best. Surely will be missed.

Zinab, 2015

My daughter has enjoyed her stay at Kiddisafe. She’s got on well with all children and staff. Thank you to all staff and Hasina my child’s key worker – a BIG thank you!

Halima’s Mum, 2019

My child has made really good progress at this nursery. She has come a long way from not talking a lot to being really confident. Bonita is really happy here. I am very happy with her progress.

Bonita’s Dad, 2019