We commit to delivering the highest level of quality care, diverse opportunities for learning, and support for the individual needs of all children that come to Kiddisafe.

We do this by:

  • Promoting healthy living
  • Keeping safe and teaching children safety rules
  • Taking joy from achieving goals
  • Contributing positively to our community
  • Develop skills to be able to make informed decisions and choices for their future.
  • Provide professional childcare to those employed parents/carers or those undertaking training opportunities to improve quality of family life

Keeping You Updated

We work alongside our busy parents to ensure your child is receiving the best care. That is why we make use of an Online Journal, where parents can keep track of their child’s development from the comfort of your own home, as well as add your own inputs to provide a holistic, complete record of your child’s proud development and growth.


Parents are also kept up to date through the Kiddisafe App.

You receive the latest nursery notifications, calendar dates and are given access to the latest learning resources and free online courses that we think our parents could benefit from at home.