Kiddisafe Day Nursery

Each Kiddisafe Day Nursery in Leicester is fully equipped and purpose built with:

  • a toddler room
  • pre-school room
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • office
  • children’s toilets
  • large, secure and specifically designed outdoor play area so that children can experience and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor physical play
  • All areas of the nursery are monitored by CCTV and alarms.

Our Services                                      Our Commitment to You

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Kiddisafe is committed to providing expert care for all our children. We are a professional, qualified team that share a passion in giving young children the best start to life. Care is taken to ensure each child’s needs are individually met and paid attention to, so they can make the most of their learning and playing experience.

We closely follow the EYFS Curriculum to structure our activities and learning so that they may have the best start to school. We provide age-appropriate activities to foster learning through play. Our dedicated outdoor sheltered play area for our little ones with age appropriate toys allows them to safely explore the outdoors at their own pace.

Excellent childcare is vital for you and your child, and here at Kiddisafe we are dedicated in developing and solidifying your child’s first foundational steps. We give them the confidence and support to happily grow and flourish, learn independence, confidence and become educated for their next big steps! At Kiddisafe we are so proud to have the opportunity to give our children the best possible start in life.

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