Mini Pizzas – The Necessary Addition to your Teddybear Picnic

Through a child’s eyes, cooking is an array of colours, smells and measures. In our activity packs, we included some tips for a teddy bear’s picnic. Why not turn it up a notch and have the picnic proudly cooked for their teddies by the little one themselves?

Farzana Suggests…

Mini pizzas are a great opportunity for your child to take the reins in the kitchen by letting their creativity and curiosity shine through (and are a great starter for dinner!).

This is also an opportunity for them to develop gross motor skills as they practice different techniques, such as chopping up their vegetables, kneading and rolling dough.

Highlighting the colours, and measurements of each ingredient and explaining to them how it all combines is great for their learning experience and will add much joy to their teddybear picnic.

Farzana’s Pizza Dough Recipe…

2 cups flour

1tblsp of sugar 

2 tblsp. of oil

1tsp of salt

1 and half tsp of dry yeast

Mix all the ingredients together to create a dough. Continue to bing with warm water whilst kneading until it starts to stretch out. 
Cover with a towel and leave to rise for 45 minutes.
Knead again and then roll out your pizza bases according to your size preference. 
Sprinkle your favourite pizza toppings on top and voila! It’s ready for the oven! 
Cook for 10-15 minutes at 180C. 
Allow to cool and then ready to serve.

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