Welcome to… The Kiddisafe Bake-Off!

We are going to finish off 2020 with a spring in our step! This month, Kiddisafe are hosting our very own bake-off. Every week this December we will be sharing a new recipe for you, your family and friends to bake along with.

Our recipes have been selected by our very own Kiddisafe Team… we are going to have so much fun sharing our delicious recipes with you.

Week 1 – The Bombay Sandwich

An absolute classic kickstarts the bake-off. A carefully concocted, spiced blend of potato (aloo!) mixed with a household staple – ketchup?! Who thought to combine those?!

This week is testing if you can handle the heat whilst err-ing on the side of absolute chaos! Not only do you have full control over the spice levels of your potato mixture… you have the option to DEEP FRY your sandwich… with KETCHUP inside it?! Who would’ve thought. Don’t forget, the more delicious the sandwich the more that needs to be made… so judge quantities accordingly…


Bread slices (number of slices depends on how much mixture you’d like to scoop into each sandwich). Keeping the edges on are a personal preference, we promise not to judge 😉
3 mashed potatoes (either home-mashed or store bought would suit this)
1/2 fried onions
1 tbs oil

To season (as spicy as you’d like):
Green chillies
Chilli powder
Coriander powder (bonus point if you have fresh coriander)
Pinch of Garam Masala

For batter (optional):
1 tsp butter
Chickpea flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder


  1. Create your spiced mixture by first frying your onions.
  2. Add your seasoning in and give it a good mix.
  3. Once cooled slightly, combine your mashed potato and spiced mixture in a large bowl.
  4. Have your slices of bread at the ready. Spread ketchup onto one side of the bread, and spiced potato onto the other! Repeat this until your mixture has finished and your all ketchup’ed out.
  5. If you prefer staying on the side of caution, feel free to skip this step. If you’re one for the wild side, get ready to make your batter.
  6. Excluding the chickpea flour, combine your dry ingredients and butter. Slowly and alternately add in your chickpea flour and water.
  7. Mix until the mixture is smooth and thin.
  8. Have your frying pan/deep fryer at the ready with your oil nice and hot.
  9. For deep-frying: Wild! Should we be in awe or afraid? I’ll let your tasters decide. In turns deep fry the sandwiches and take out once golden and crispy.
  10. For non-batter: melt butter onto your pan/griddle (griddle for best aesthetics) and gently toast on medium heat.
  11. Voila! Send in your photos to us and don’t forget to tag us!
  12. Now… enjoy.

This is a perfectly normal treat to keep the family occupied on a cold weekend in, for some an experiment asking for pleasantly surprised expressions once the skeptical take their bites and have their tastebuds captured.

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